Thermal Equipment

Thermal Equipment

Thermal insulation of industrial equipment, in addition to energy saving functions, provides the possibility of carrying out technological processes with given parameters, allows you to create safe working conditions in production. Thermal insulation is a necessary element of industrial equipment, providing the fundamental possibility of high and low temperature technological processes in the energy and industry with optimal consumption of fuel and energy resources.

Thermal insulation equipment is widely used in the energy, chemical, oil refining, metallurgical, food and other industries.
The objects of thermal insulation are steam boilers, gas ducts, steam and gas turbines, heat exchangers, hot water storage tanks, chimneys. In the thermal insulation industry, vertical and horizontal process equipment, pumps, heat exchangers, storage tanks for water, petroleum and petroleum products are subject. Particularly high demands are placed on the effectiveness of thermal insulation of low-temperature and cryogenic equipment.

Thermal insulation TEMP-COAT® allows high-tech and complex to solve all the issues of thermal insulation, waterproofing and anti-corrosion protection of equipment and pipelines. Operation and maintenance are greatly simplified, due to the rapid detection of leaks, fistulas.
Thermal Insulation TEMP-COAT ® - The only possible method of thermal insulation of thermal equipment with complex geometry. Applied to objects of any shape and geometry.

Reduction of gas losses during operation of furnaces up to 10% , increase in stability during thermal processing, protection against temperature drops, corrosion protection, noise reduction. Lack of weight load on the structure. The only possible variant of thermal insulation of this equipment.
The total return on the results of the events - up to 2 years.

Applications for thermal insulation TEMP-COAT®:

  • Industrial electric and gas ovens;
  • External surfaces of pipelines and equipment, high-temperature engineering networks at CHP, valves and control valves , fixed supports with the temperature of the substances contained in them at peak temperatures of up to 260 ° C;
  • Main pipelines and pipelines of heating networks of aboveground and underground, channel and channelless laying;
  • Equipment boiler, pump, heat distribution stations and heat points .
  • Industrial equipment;
  • Surface vertical and horizontal tanks with petroleum products and surface horizontal tanks with LPG ;
  • Insulation of pipelines.
  • Effective application of TEMP-COAT® - thermal insulation of objects, prevention of corrosion, elimination of the formation of condensate;
  • The use of TEMP-COAT ® coating in facilities where traditional insulation is damaged by theft, the absence of acts of vandalism is justified.