Temp-Coat 101 - Industrial

Temp-Coat 101 - Industrial

KomKell Cooling Solutions Product of Choice

At KomKell Cooling Solutions we happily use Temp-Coat 101 in Santa Clara, Freemont, and throughout the state of California. This product is used to help insulate and control the condensation of industrial equipment.

Is this product for you?


  • If you have surface’s that skyrocket to 500o Fahrenheit Temp-Coat 101 will adhere as a liquid and insulate the surface.
  •  Do you have industrial products that reach temperature of negative 80o Fahrenheit? Temp-Coat 101 is also there to help with condensation and insulation control of your products.
  • Are you in a tight space? Temp-Coat 101 doesn’t require jacketing for the liquid thin coat.

KomKell Cooling Solutions can also insulate your Roof Tops, HVAC ducts, Heat Exchangers, Steam Pipes, Storage Tanks, and Process Systems.
Contact Us at KomKell Cooling Solutions for all of your insulation needs no matter the temperature. We have experience with this product and are happy to answer any questions or concerns. We serve Santa Clara, Freemont, and the surrounding California Area.