Currently, a new type of thermal insulation has entered the market - liquid ceramic thermal insulation materials.
One example of such insulation is TEMP-COAT ® thin-layer thermal insulation .
Ultra-thin thermal insulation TEMP-COAT ® manufactured by Temp-Coat Brand Products, LLC, USA.
The thin-layer heat insulator TEMP-COAT ® is a high-tech, water-based composite materials consisting of evacuated ceramic spheres in a mixture of complex acrylic polymers.

Coatings TEMP-COAT ® are designed to obtain a heat-insulating coating on surfaces of any shape that require thermal protection.
TEMP-COAT ® is used for thermal insulation of external and internal surfaces of roofs of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures, pipelines, air ducts, equipment and so on.

TEMP-COAT ® can be applied to metal, plastic, concrete, brick and other construction materials, as well as equipment, pipelines and air ducts at
operation of a temperature from -60 ° C to +260 ° C .

Consider how the proposed insulator will work on our flat roofs. Due to the structure, this material does not pass through water and is a good waterproofing coating.

  • The structure of an isolated TEMP-COAT ® roof is a single, monolithic structure.
  • No air pore, no internal open surfaces.
  • There is no second of the dew point conditions - humidity.

The insulator does not let in moisture. And the temperature difference necessary for the formation of condensate is "somewhere" inside the heat-insulating layer.

In this design, the conditions for the occurrence of the dew point are NO . Consequently, there is no destruction of insulation, screed, floor slab.
  • Frost protection;
  • The only currently possible solution that does not eliminate the effect, but the very cause of the destruction of the roof;
  • High reflectivity (87.7%) slows down the heating of the building in the summer.