Thermal insulation of pipelines and valves. TEMP-COAT ® coatings allow high-tech and complex solution of the following issues:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Waterproofing;
  • Anti-corrosion protection;
  • Greatly simplified operation and maintenance;
  • Rapid detection of leaks, fistulas;
  • Reducing the weight load on pipelines.

Ultra-thin thermal insulation coatings of the TEMP-COAT® series make it possible in a complex to solve the problems of thermal insulation and anticorrosion protection of pipelines. They greatly simplify the operation, maintenance of pipelines and valves, due to the rapid detection of leaks, fistula and increase the service life of protected pipelines.

Coatings of the TEMP-COAT® series are aesthetic, environmentally safe, significantly reduce the cost of preventive and reconditioning repair of thermal insulation, are not of interest to vandals. Small local damage to the insulation layer (chips, scratches) can be easily repaired with a brush if necessary.
Ultrathin thermal insulation coatings of the TEMP-COAT® series are one of the leaders in terms of price-performance ratio. TEMP-COAT® coatings have unique thermal insulation, anti-corrosion, waterproofing and sound insulation properties.

The complexity of the coating is commensurate with painting: the materials are applied using a spray gun, brush or roller. The service life of thermal insulation during normal operation for more than 20 years. Coatings are easy to clean when contaminated and repaired.

UNDERGROUND CHANNEL AND BELOW -DRAIN GASKET TEMP-COAT® coatings make it possible to insulate pipelines with underground channel and channel-free pipelines with ease and lowest costs. Due to corrosion and moisture, classic types of insulation are hygroscopic and, over time, become unsuitable for use, the insulation loses its characteristics. Our insulation creates corrosion protection and is not afraid of moisture and water.