Modern thermal protection of facades of buildings is an essential component of increasing the efficiency of construction, reconstruction, durability and energy saving of the housing stock. In energy conservation, a significant increase in the thermal protection of the building envelope is of paramount importance. This problem is important not only for new construction, but also for the existing stock of residential and public buildings, the heat engineering and heat-protective characteristics of which do not at all meet modern requirements.

The use of thin-layer heat-insulating coatings is the cheapest way to increase the thermal resistance of the building envelope of old buildings and structures. Provides conditions for energy saving residential buildings built 1960-2000. These coatings do not increase the load on the foundations of the reconstructed buildings. All the "architectural solutions" of historical facades are preserved.

The use of ultrathin insulating coatings for the construction of new buildings and structures is economically justified .
The practical service life of the Temp-Coat series of coatings is 20 years, it does not represent the complexity of the subsequent repair at the end of the thermal insulation service life. The material is easy to apply, durable, waterproof, resistant to corrosion, environmentally safe.
The possibilities of thermal insulation of building structures with ultrathin thermal insulation Temp-coat® allow to solve many problems. Thermal insulation of cold bridges, interpanel joints, walls of buildings, installation of heat-reflecting "behind-the-wall" screens, the possibility of applying thermal insulation both outside and inside buildings onto walls, floors and coverings.

The use of coatings eliminates the formation of fungus on the interior walls of residential and public buildings.
Thermal insulation of heat points, nodes, valves and mini boiler rooms in wells, basements and in attics is possible only with TEMP-COAT coatings.
Thermal insulation of pipelines in cramped conditions of basements and attics with TEMP-COAT coatings will reduce operating costs. Allows visual and thermal monitoring of the state of pipelines without removing the insulation.

Thermal insulation TEMP-COAT will solve the following problems:

  • Preservation of a building construction from destruction;
  • No additional load on the building structure;
  • Does not violate the structural integrity of the surfaces of the protected objects during installation;
  • The possibility of applying facade paint on insulation;
  • Use as additional insulation on existing residential and industrial buildings.

For several years, Russian institutions: Plumbing Research Institute, Research Institute of Building Physics, State Unitary Enterprise Elancom, Energoprom Research Institute, Belarusian: Belgorkhimprom OJSC, IMMS of NAS of them. V.A. Belyi, as well as a number of other leading research institutes, carried out the certification of the technological characteristics of TEMP-COAT ultrathin thermal insulation, in order to determine the suitability for the needs of the construction and housing-and-municipal complexes.

A broad front of research has revealed high indicators of materials in such parameters as strength and at the same time elasticity, good adhesion, durability, frost resistance, resistance to aggressive environments and solar radiation, fire and sanitary and hygienic safety. All these indicators fully meet the requirements of building codes and standards.